CAE Software Solutions For All Businesses

As a top engineering solutions provider, and as a company offering cutting-edge options in CAE software, our products and services are used across a wide range of different companies and throughout many different industries.

Our team of professionals at Engineering Science Analysis Corp. is available to work with OEMs and businesses of all sizes to provide engineering consulting, design support, analysis and engineering experts.

Unlike other services, as your engineering solutions provider, we can provide a host of services including sensitivity studies, analytical computer prototyping, thermal analysis and full technical writing and documentation.

With our reputation as a premier engineering solutions provider, we have worked with a variety of companies across a range of industries from space science projects to aircraft and in the semiconductor, automotive, energy and in the commercial sector.

Software Solutions

Our advanced analytical software products add to the scope of the options we provide for our customers and clients. CAE or computer-aided engineering software is the ideal tool for your in-house designers and engineers.

With our team of design professionals and engineers, we can assist in matching the correct software to your design needs. With this software in place, some of the work an OEM may have previously completed can now be done in-house, without any loss of accuracy through our cutting-edge technology.

Our focus on working with your in-house team to customize the knowledge-based engineering design templates and system which is ideal for your business is both cost-effective as well as efficient. Each tool we offer provides specific analysis and tools from pre-processing through to product life management.

To find out more about our CAE software options or to learn about our free trial and financing option, give us a call today at 602-625-6259.