Effective Engineering Solutions Are Just the Right Combination of Practicality and Fiction-Inspired Creativity

These days, an increasing number of young people dream of working for an Engineering Design Firm, thanks to the successful efforts of engineers to spread the word about how much fun their field of work is and how much it can change people’s lives for the better. This is music to the ears of people who already work for Engineering Consulting Services. Of course, once engineering students go to college, they find out that engineering involves many more hours of repetitive trials than it does of watching robots cause mayhem in the streets. But as every engineer knows, those moments do exist when engineers are able to take a piece of inspiration from speculative fiction and turn it into something with practical applications for the real world.


When the Scientific Method and Design Thinking Unite


The goal of the engineers at Engineering Science Analysis Corp is to find solutions. This is goal of engineering in general. The engineers at ESA Corp have provided Engineering Consulting Analysis in order to develop products for the aerospace, ground transport, and medical technology industries. While all of these solutions have involved a brainstorming phase of design thinking followed by a long series of exacting scientific experiments, most of them would not make for very interesting plot devices in a science fiction or action movie. Although a few of them would.


Killer Squids Save Lives


Among the most cinema-worthy Engineering Consulting Services thought up by the engineers at ESA Corp is the Safe Quick Undercarriage Immobilization Device (SQUID). Like its namesake, the SQUID has long, sticky tentacles, and police can use it to stop fleeing vehicles in their tracks. The SQUID looks intimidating, but it causes much less harm to the people inside the fleeing car than shooting the tires or forcing the car to crash would. Only an engineer could repurpose a midnight movie monster to keep people safe.