FEA Consulting Services: Why Choose Engineering Science Analysis Corp?

Finding the right engineering solutions provider is vital, but it can also be difficult. The right provider will offer a mix of technical skills, experience with finite element analysis, and the right mix of services to address challenges with thermal and structural analysis. Engineering Science Analysis Corp. is a design engineering firm with in-depth experience and industry-leading services.


A Trusted Partner for Better Product Design and Engineering


At Engineering Science Analysis Corp., we’re a trusted design engineering firm for many clients in a broad range of industries. Our expertise and experience in structural analysis, fraction mechanics, thermal analysis, biomedical, sports science, CADD and numerous other fields allows us to deliver essential solutions with pinpoint accuracy. We are a certified SDB participant and offer a broad range of engineering services and software tools. However, the goal of our engineering consulting services is not to be yet another standalone provider.


Ultimately, Engineering Science Analysis Corp. seeks to forge close ties and build strong relationships with each of our clients. As an engineering solutions provider, we strive to provide essential engineering expertise and to become a core part of your product design engineering team. As a design engineering firm, we work with you each step of the way, providing not in-depth experience and industry-leading FEA consulting services, but a great deal more. From MSC Software’s APEX solution to PATRAN, NASTRAN, and everything in between, we deliver the support necessary to optimize your prototype design, test those prototypes fully, and then optimize final product design.


About Engineering Science Analysis Corp.


We were founded in 1991, and have been providing full-time engineering consulting services since 1995. Our organization offers over 100 cumulative years of engineering experience, and we only employ US citizens. We’re proud to have earned both Homeland Security and DOD SBIR Awards for our quality, innovation, and expertise, and we are also intimately familiar with leading software products on the market, including Auto CAD, APEX, Pro-Engineer, Solid works, and more. Finally, we are CAE software license holders in a host of fields, including thermal, fluids, magnetics, kinematics, nonlinear, impact and structural analysis.


We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with you to design and engineer a better product. Call 480-460-3272 to discuss your needs, product design challenges, and other important issues.