The Importance of FEA Consulting Services

Sometimes the most complex problems can be solved if you break them down into several smaller problems and solve each one separately. This is the basic concept behind FEA, or finite element analysis. It’s a vital part of modern-day structural engineering and can be extremely helpful with things like heat transfer and structural issues. Your ESA consultants offer finite element analysis as part of their wide range of services to nearly every industry. Here are some of the good things that an experienced FEA team can do for you.

An Alternative to Standard Testing

Imagine how much time and money you could save if you didn’t have to test prototypes extensively. Prototyping is often an essential element of product development, but finite element analysis can be your best R&D support system. It encompasses three basic stages:

  • Pre-processing – all necessary data is collected to be processed and analyzed by professionals at ESA
  • Finding the solution – sometimes a black box approach is used to determine input and output. At this point, the engineer is only interested in what happens during the process. This breaks it down for a complete study.
  • Post-processing – results of the study are examined in detail to see what happened and why. This creates engineering solutions.

Why FEA?

Finite element analysis can safely recreate destructive testing without all the hazards associated with it. It can simulate a large variety of failure mode situations. One model can be used extensively for a variety of testing procedures. Many problems can be explored, outlined, examined, and eventually solved with this method. This translates into huge cost and time savings.


  • Structural Analysis
  • Manufacturing
  • Product Development
  • Thermal Dynamics
  • Failure Analysis

To discover the benefits of FEA for your business, contact your technical design support specialists at ESA today by calling 1-602-625-6259.