Why Use ESACORP Consulting Services?

The Engineering Science Analysis Corporation (ESACORP) has been providing advanced engineering solutions to a variety of industry sectors since 1991. We have worked extensively on engineering, design, analysis, and simulation using CAE software solutions for the commercial, aerospace, military and defense industries. Our commercial work includes sporting equipment such as baseball bats, softball bats, and golf clubs.  Our work in aerospace, military and defense spans from space vehicles, missiles, aircraft, helicopter development, ground transport vehicles and much more.

At ESACORP, our focus is on providing our clients with a complete product development process to allow them to move from concept to design and analysis on to prototype production and ultimately full-on production.

With ESACORP’s product development process and MSC Software CAE technology that ESACORP provides, our clients can perform quick, accurate and cost effective analyses and simulation to assess the performance of conceptual designs. Thus eliminating the traditional “build and break” methods that are time-consuming, costly and sometimes difficult to facilitate on conceptual products and components.

ESACORP FEA Analysis Services

With our MSC Software CAE software solutions, we can provide full finite element analysis, or FEA, consulting services. Our team works with yours to solve design challenges while providing complete and accurate structural, dynamic, and thermal analysis capabilities at just a fraction of the cost of older methods of analysis. Combining this with our advanced engineering solutions enables our clients to quickly complete a difficult design project on time and on budget.

The use of the advanced analytical software products we offer provides simulation and analysis, manufacturing and additive manufacturing as well as product life cycle management solutions. As a premier engineering solutions provider, we can recommend the ideal CAE product development software combination and training that is geared for your needs.

Through the use of the best options in software, you will have additional business management solutions to address the integration of the technology into your product design process. This is not only cost-effective, but it will also help to streamline production, another cost-saving advantage.

To learn more about our software systems and FEA consulting, contact us today at client.services@esacorp.com