MSC APEX Simulation Software

MSC Apex is the world’s first Computational Parts(TM) based CAE system. MSC Apex is a CAE specific direct modeling and meshing solution that streamlines CAD clean-up, simplification and meshing workflow while MSC Apex Structures enables you to quickly evaluate design performance by rapidly preparing analysis models and incrementally solving parts and assemblies for faster run times and results visualization.

MSC Apex features sophisticated and interactive tools that are easy to use and easy to learn.

Direct Modeling

Direct modeling allows users to create and edit geometry interactively. Simply select the entities of interest, such as a face, edge or vertex, and push, pull, or drag to implement desired modifications. Direct modeling is complemented with built in meshing technology.

  • Use one platform to perform linear or nonlinear analysis for the following disciplines: static, dynamic (NVH & Acoustics included), thermal, and buckling, and reduce the dependency on multiple structural analysis programs from various vendors
  • Perform fatigue analysis with embedded fatigue technologies and reduce the time usually associated with fatigue life determination
  • Assess the behavior of advanced composites and fiber reinforced plastics with built in Progressive Failure Analysis and User Defined Services for Mean-field Homogenization coupling with Digimat

With MSC Apex you have everything you need to reach the end product you are searching for. Clean up existing models or create your own from scratch. Here are just a few tools you can use with this program:

  • Sketching: Sketch lines, squares, circles, fillets and also edit existing sketches
  • Assembly Connections: Connect structural components via Glue and represent common connections such as springs or rigid links
  • Midsurface creation and repair tools: Extract or build mids-surfaces with uniform or non-uniform thickness and also connect surfaces via direct modeling
  • Meshing and Mesh editing: Mesh curves, surfaces, and solids and refine meshes with feature base meshing and mesh seeding.
MSC Apex Structures

MSC Apex Structures is an add-on product which expands MSC Apex functionality with capabilities for a linear structural analysis. Adding a user interface for scenario definition and results post-processing, as well as integrated solver methods. This solution is unique in that it combines computational parts and assemblies technology with a generative framework, which enables interactive and incremental analysis.

MSC Apex structures is a true parts-based solution with computation parts and assemblies, where each parts' behavioral representation (stiffness, mass, and damping) can be pre-computed and stored independently.