Teaming And Licensing ESA

Teaming with ESACORP

ESACORP has numerous long-term mutually beneficial teaming arrangements with our industry and academic partners. We strive to seek out and include knowledge and resources that others bring to enhance team success. Our vast network of partners serves to expand and extend capabilities thus enabling our teams to seek out new research, product development and commercialization opportunities.

Licensing Opportunities

We are a high-tech Engineering and Product Development house and it is through our RAMP philosophy and process that we create real products from the technologies that spiral from our research. At ESA, we develop products that achieve Technology Readiness Level 6-7 (TRL6-7) and transition the technologies into commercialized products through licensing and various teaming agreements. Through our proven RAMP methodologies, ESA has successfully licensed several technologies that spiraled from our original SQUID Technology research to a well known Energetics Manufacturing Company.