Example 2 – Manual inertia relief INREL,-1 – GRDPNT,3

The second part of this example uses manual inertia relief with the SUPORT and GRDPNT entries defined at node 3.  All 6 degrees of freedom are defined in the SUPORT entry.  Figure 3 shows the input deck used, except the SUPORT, GRDPNT, and INREL entries for the previous section are commented out and the second set (support entry for GRDPONT = 3) are activated.

Figure 6: Classical analysis, Inertia Relief Example 2

Similar to the first example, the hand calculations shown in Figure 6 can be compared to the values output in the OLOAD table in the NASTRAN output file (shown in Figure 7).  OLOAD results corresponding to hand calculations are again circled in blue.  Strain energy and epsilon values in the output file are circled in red.

Figure 7: NASTRAN results file for Example 2