Opera FEA Multiphysics ESA

img1ESA provides and implements Opera Simulation Software, the ultimate electromagnetic-led multiphysics design automation tool. Fast, accurate and cost-effective, Opera is a general-purpose multiphysics finite element software suite, for product analysis, design and optimization.  The software is the key toolset of choice for multiphysics simulation in industrial and scientific applications throughout the world.  Opera has a wide range of capabilities to enable accurate models that include:


  • Electrostatics
  • Magnetostatics
  • Low frequency electromagnetics
  • High frequency electromagnetics
  • Space Charge
  • Thermal problems
  • Structural problems
  • Moving parts
  • Transient fields
  • Non-linear materials
  • Hysteretic magnet materials
  • Lossy dielectrics
  • External circuits
  • System engineering
  • Device Optimization
  • Quench of superconductors
  • Demagnetization of magnets
  • Magnetron sputtering