ESA RAMP™ Services

“Cradle to grave” solutions that transform ideas into successful products!

As a provider of engineering and product prototyping services, our success depends on your success. We recognize that the reception of a new idea or functional solution, or “bridging the valley of death”, in today’s competitive marketplace requires sustainable engineering solutions that create and capture economic value. Success requires innovations, not just inventions. Businesses thrive with products that quickly go to market as opposed to ideas that just linger in the lab. Performance and profitability are what matter!

Toward the aim of helping our clients put life into the technologies of tomorrow, we present our incredibly successful Research and Make Product or RAMP™ Services.

The utilization of our RAMP™ philosophies has enabled ESAMD to successfully transform our first PHASE I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T) into two Phase III product commercialization awards, and several commercial products (SQUID-TECHNOLOGIES), with more on the way!

Many clients have taken advantage of our RAMP™ services to help integrate their innovations into prime contractor products, some have utilized RAMP™ to evolve their ideas into prototypes to attract investors, while others pick and choose among our various services under RAMP™ to meet their engineering and product development needs.

RAMP™: Research And Make Product