Non-Linear Static – Large Displacement

Solution Type: Non linear Static (SOL 106)

Subcases => Create
Subcase Name: Pick a name or pick from “Available Subcases”

NOTE: Make sure you select the correct “Available Load Case” if you create a new subcase.

Subcase Parameters
Number of Load Increments = Number of steps to converge on solution

Number of Iterations per update = 1 (so that stiffness matrix updates each iteration)

Allowable Iterations per increment = 25 (uses as many as it requires)

Output Requests
Form Type: Advanced

Output Requests => Select “Displacement” => Delete (you will replace it back later)

Options => Sorting By Freq/Time

Intermediate output option: Yes

Select => Result Type => “Displacements”


Subcase Select => Select the Case for analysis
Run the Analysis