Creating MPEG files from results, Figure 20.

Results Menu — Create Deformation – Select load cases

Create a deformed shape first, then click the animate button.

To get an MPEG, or to change the animation properties, click on the last button that looks like a movie frame, Figure 20 then you will get the menu shown in Figure 21. From there you can create an MPEG file from the animation. Make sure you create the deformation animation on screen first, then create the MPEG.

Figure 20

Figure 21 – Animation Menu


Note: Patran actually uses an external, public domain program called “mpeg_encode” to turn a sequence of image files into an mpeg movie. Information on this program can be obtained off the web, as it is commonly called “MPEG Berkeley Tools”. If you look in the Patran install directory, you should find the program “mpeg_encode.exe” in one of the sub-directories.