Patran – Display Failing Elements

Searching the .f06 file for “FAIL” or “++++” and then copying the element ID’s is a useful way of tracking down elements to highlight in Patran. However, what happens if you want to view many elements that have warnings or are failing without re-running the model?

Solution:  The following was done in TextPad but may be possible in other text editors. This process can be used for many other applications as well!

1.Open the .f06 file in TextPad

2.Hit F5 and type “++++” under “Find What”

3.Click “Mark All” instead of “Find Next”

4.TextPad will mark every line containing “++++” with a bookmark

5.Right click in the text area and navigate to Copy Other -> Bookmarked lines

6.Open a new text document and navigate to Edit -> Paste

7.Right click in the text area and select “Block Select Mode”

8.Select only the element ID numbers in the second column and press Ctrl+C

9.Open a new TextPad document and paste in the element ID numbers

10.Select all of the element IDs using Ctrl + A

11.Right click and select Reformat from the dropdown, which will list the ID numbers horizontally

12.In front of the first element ID number type “Elm”

13.You now have a formatted list of elements with warnings that can be entered into Patran