Creating Relative Displacement Results

Example: Subtract ball CG Z-displacement from overall ball nodal displacements to obtain relative displacements.

At time = 0.0003 sec, ball CG, Node 21, has displaced 0.487 inches. Subtract this displacement from all nodal displacements, then create a fringe plot of ball displacement relative to the CG node.

> PCL Function

Figure 17, Select Result case > Time=0.0003
Enter New result name > Nodal Disp
Select result -> Displacement

Define PCL expression, Figure 18:
$ZZ – 0.487
Once the new results case is generated, plot the relative displacement fringe, Figure 19:
Make sure the Results Case Button is toggled OFF

Select the newly created results case

Figure 17 – Create Results using PCL function

Figure 18 – Define PCL Expression

Figure 19 – Select newly created Result Case