Scaling stresses

In this example, the model is solved for the proof pressure condition of 1950 psig, or 1.5 x max operating pressure and require results for a 2.0 x burst condition. We obtain a Von-Mises stress plot for the proof condition, then scale the results by 2.0 /1.5 = 1.333 to determine the stress for a 2600 psig burst pressure condition:

Under Results:

>PCL Function

Select Result case >
Enter New result name > Burst Pressure
Select result -> Stress Tensor
New Result Type > scalar

Define PCL expression, Figure 18:
$VONM * 1.333

Once the new results case is generated, plot the Burst Pressure stress fringe, Figure 19:
Make sure the Results Case Button is toggled OFF
Select the newly created results case