Mpc Forces, Resultant Forces & Reaction Forces

Patran normally delivers three results (constraint forces translational, displacement translational, and stress tensor) if you want the forces from a Multipoint Constraint or any other nodal force (etc) results you must request it before you run your analysis.

1. Subcases button (new window opens)
2. Choose from available subcases a subcase name
3. From the Subcase Options list of buttons choose output request (new window opens)
4. Select Result Type choose multi-point constraint forces (appears in output request)
5. OK (for this subcase only)
6. Repeat 2-5 for each subcase.

8. You may get a warning message about deleting old data YES then CANCEL and then APPLY
9. Then verify that the subcases are set up as normal then run the analysis the new results will appear when you read them in to results.