Example of a 1/8 symmetry plate that is simply supported along the outer edge, clamped with a ‘bolt head’ up to a certain diameter, and loaded with a pressure. Analysis coordinate system is COORD1, i.e. cylindrical.

Figure 5 – MPC (RIGID) Example; Plate simply supported OD, Clamped along inner surface


Rigid (Fixed)
Define Terms

Nodes in MPC are selected via “List” and “Group”

Figure 6


Click “Create Dependent”
Select Dependent (Slave) nodes

Figure 7

Click Create Independent
Select independent (MASTER) node
Click Cancel

Apply boundary conditions to Independent (master) node,
Symmetry (UY),
Radial UX
Leave UZ blank to allow axial displacement
Since it’s clamped, Set rotations (RX, RY, RZ) to Zero, see Figure 5

Resulting displacement:

Figure 8 –MPC RIGID Example; Simply supported – Clamped plate; deformation

Von Mises Stress – underside view