Patran is a general-purpose, open-architecture, 3D Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering (MCAE) environment with an interactive graphic interface pre & post-processor.  Analysis Preferences allow integration with MSC analysis solvers as well as third-party analysis codes.
Patran can pre-process input models and post-process the results from many different solvers using their native output format.  For example, Patran can create an ANSYS model and read in an ANSYS .rst file to view the results from a particular ANSYS solution. Likewise, Patran can read different output files created by a Nastran run (.xdb, & .op2 files).  Information and format written to the output files is defined by the user in the Nastran input deck.
All pre- and postprocessing, translation, and solver capabilities are accessed from within the Patran graphical environment.
CAD Access interfaces allow direct access of CAD geometry.