The Patran utilities shareware menu contains many useful tools for pre and post-processing.  The menu appears on the top ribbon:

The Patran utilities


If the utilities menu does not appear after initial installation, you need to copy the p3epilog.pcl file from the utilities subdirectory up to the main patran install directory on your system.  You can copy and paste using Windows File Explorer or from a cmd window.
For example, if you wanted to use a command prompt (cmd) on your system you would type: copy C:\msc\patran2000\shareware\msc\unsupported\utilities\p3epilog.pcl C:\msc\patran2000

When you start up Patran, you should see the “Utilities” item on your main menu bar.
MSC Software Corporation provides the following disclaimer for these tools:

These tools are very useful and should be reviewed carefully as they significantly enhance the functionality of Patran.  This toolkit is a collection of custom PCL functions and is provided AS IS.