A Proven Approach to CAE Software Implementation

As a premier MSC software CAE solutions provider in the southwest, Engineering Science Analysis Corp (ESACORP) is committed to helping our clients implement CAE software in the most cost-effective manner. We have the expertise and technical capability to help you implement software and Process Solutions to streamline your Product Development Cycle.

Our Three step virtual product development program enables our clients to quickly expand their knowledge and capabilities in the quickest way possible.

Our CAE implementation process is designed to instruct our clients’ Engineering Teams to utilize CAE tools so that they strategically fit into normal work processes.

Jumpstart your Product Development Process

Rather than send engineers to plain CAE training courses where they are mostly trained to master a Graphical User Interface (GUI), our experience has shown that the best approach in implementing simulation tools in a product development process is to select a representative product from the clients’ portfolio and develop an implementation plan around it. The product may be something that has been problematic, is slated for improvement, or is ready for a next generation design.

ESACORP gathers the design requirements and client desires for the product and generates a Statement of Work (SOW) for team review. The SOW describes the CAE tools and simulation process(es) that will be utilized to ensure the product meets the desired requirements and ensures that the client/consultant team understands expectations and outcomes.

Capture and Optimize Design Intent

Our team of experienced engineers is contracted to analyze the representative product against the requirements and develop design improvement recommendations to cost-effectively optimize the product in a virtual environment. The CAE tools used/required in the body of work are identified and the steps used in the simulation(s) are documented. The end result is a robust product along with a documented development process from which a customized CAE training program is derived.

Specialized CAE Training to Capture and Optimize the Development Process

ESACORP trains your product development team on the use of CAE tools in the process and also provides CAE software and support.

The end result is that your development team can “hit the ground running”.  Our method of implementation reduces the proliferation of uncontrolled models and CAE methods promoting re-use, compression of cycle time and the capture of best practices.


Our implementation philosophy follows the basic rules:

Document the process

Set-up the core system to fit the process.
Train Engineers on the process.
Ensure Model/code access across platforms.
Define links to Solid Modelers.
Train on cost-effective model creation and usage.