The Tasks of the Modern Engineering Firm

Every engineering design firm must have at one time or the other had to deal with the following issues. As the world changes, so do engineering needs and trends. The modern firm must be able to adapt to market changes in order to to effectively serve customers.


As an engineering solutions provider, a frequent demand that the Engineering Science Analysis Corporation (ESACORP), located in Tempe Arizona deals with is customization, both software and hardware. Not all equipment can work under all environments and clients desire to expand their product offerings. When opportunities arise to adapt a product to meet new, local, or revised requirements, clients will ask ESACORP to help them perform a virtual assessment of the capability of their products against these new requirements.  The virtual assessment involves the use of a validated digital twin model of the product. The digital twin is a computer representation of the product that has been validated to respond very much like the real-word physical product.

There is a fair bit of customization and localization that must be undertaken by a capable engineering solutions company. Globalization makes products easy to move, but they must be customized for local markets.


Every engineering science analysis corp. will confess to the increasing importance of digitization. In the beginning, digitization was a tool mainly for the engineering design firm staff, with the clients mainly interested in the end product. Today, though, even the consumer is interested in the process. Digitization today has advanced to include more than just the simple digital representation; it has details of vendors, material in every component, manufacturing processes and regulatory approvals.


Engineering consulting services firms are also dealing a lot more with issues of regulation. This could be due to the fact that there has been increased focus on sustainability, safety and the environment in the past few years. The fact that regulations vary from one location to the other, however, adds to the complexity of the job. It has become important to be able to track materials all the way down the supply chain and be able to report on them to regulatory authorities.

Smart Products

Engineering is much more than just mechanical today; there is a considerable amount of software and electronics involved in almost every sector now. Even the simplest of home appliances have a lot of computing power. We are basically surrounded by miniature computers. What this means is that product design and development has now become more cross-disciplinary than ever. Every product design engineering firm needs to bridge the gap between the various different disciplines. The influence of connectivity must also never be discounted.

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